The Lego 3D-printer








Part 1
This project is where it all started. When I was on vacation I watched the videos from JK Brickworks. I was inspired about the fact that you could build a Lego model that builds a Lego model itself.  So I made a first version. I first had to think of a system for placing the brick because I had only 1 nxt with 3 motors. This version was able to place a few bricks but It wasn’t accurate enough and it was hard to programme.  

Part 2

I wanted to build a 3d printer where I could feed in the base where I would print it on. So I would be able to print faster. It was very accurate and easier to programme. It was also  a lot smaller. The only problem was that the structure wasn’t that strong.








The final version:

 After 4 months we made the final version of the Lego 3D-printer! We printed a HOUSE!

The final version is very small and didn’t require a lot of Legos. I’m very happy with the last version and I decided to make this the final version.


Printing a logo:

 So I build our final version and I was posting the photos on our Facebook page. After a while Gui Lima from Aprenda Robótica asked me if I could print their logo. So I went programming and it worked. I printed the logo!