The Lego 3D-printer.

This project is where it all started. When I was on vacation I watched the videos from JK Brickworks. I was inspired about the fact that you could build a Lego model that builds a Lego model itself... click here to read more.


The Lego ev3 robotic arm

 I bought my first ev3 set. I was searching for the things that were already build with an ev3 and I saw this little ev3 robotic arm. I was inspired by that idea and I was thinking about how does a real arm work?... click here to read more.


Lego Flappy Bird

I didn’t found any video about a bird that was motorized by Lego. So I thought let’s build it!... click here to read more


Lego fastest car!

THE FASTEST LEGO PW CAR! 11,8 km/u! i made a lego power functions car with 1 xl motor and 1 medium here to read more