As the project of the forth ears at Damascus university I made a robot who can play chess with peoples using LEGO bricks, the mechanical design based on a Cartesian manipulator, the X and Y axes are for moving on the chess table, and the Z axe for pick up the chess pieces.
the problem was in the number of actuators, the NXT brick can support 3 actuators only, so that a had to use one motor for catching and picking up the pieces on the Z axe.
On the programing part, there is a smart phone fixed above the table, it take photos and send them to the laptop using an Android application, the laptop analyse the photos and know the movement of the player using a Matlab program, then the laptop use an open source java chess engine to suggest the movement of the robot, finale the laptop send the movement to the NXT by Bluetooth.


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  1. Unfortunately there is no explanation about how the image processing is proceeded to detect piece moves, how the cam is attached to the PC, which cam-to-PC interface is used, and also no link to the external chess engine which has been implemented on the PC to calculate the moves. Also no transmission protocol has been published how the NXT-PC interface has been set up, finally the NXT is just performing the moves which are commanded by the PC, no autonomous move generator running on the NXT.

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